About us

Hemp C is a circular economy solution that brings together hemp growers and manufacturers of packaging or plastic components.
Hemp C is a trademark that is being developed by Inno Hemp startup. The trademark is protected and included in the database of EU registered and protected trademarks.
Hemp C's activities include:
1. Development and sale of new biodegradable plastics to existing manufacturers of packaging and plastic components.
2. Backward benefits for growers, which would encourage the cultivation of hemp fiber and its ingredients to be sold to us and not to competitors.

More about the Inno Hemp startup itself:
The Inno Hemp startup was founded in 2020.
The very idea of the startup came from the founder – Naglis Dalikas, while studying for a Master of Science – Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Kaunas University of Technology. And from a constant interest in the development of science, technology, innovation and in ecology, the circular economy.
2020 m. - we became members of Kaunas Science and Technology Park.
2020 m. – we completed the Evolut 4.0 pre-accelerator training program, organized by Kaunas Science and Technology Park.
2021 m. – we joined the Future Packaging Club, which is an initiative of the „Gamtos ateitis“ public enterprise.

The Inno Hemp startup currently consists of:
Naglis Dalikas - CEO and Founder;
Gytis Vitkauskas - sales and co-founder;
A team of external researchers.